Chalk a Tee Kids
Chalk a Tee Kids
Chalk a Tee Kids
Chalk a Tee Kids

Chalk a Tee Kids

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White, SML

I am a t-shirt, white and black. Here is my best mate: toxic-free Chalkchalk. When you see us, use Chalkchalk to draw your ideas on me!

Wear me out proudly, without any worries of smudging or staining, thanks to my best mate smudge-proof chalk!

Feel like changing me up? Simply wash me or use a wet cloth to wipe me clean, then I will turn back into a plain black canvas again, ready for your next masterpiece. Doodle, wear & wash me as many times as you wish!

Each T-shirt contains a box of chalk crayon.

60 % Cotton

40 % Polyester

Polyester Lining


  • Hand wash with like colors.
  • Warm iron if needed.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not bleach.
  • The chalk will not stain other clothes upon washing.